My name is Sam and I’m a blogoholic.

“Hi, Sam…”

That’s not exactly true. I don’t write as often as I’d like.

This is the third incarnation of my blog, not including two brief stints called “Broken Wing” and “Crash Test Monkey.” My first “online journal” – the term “blog” had not been invented yet, probably because the term “weblog,” from which “blog” descends, had not been invented yet – was titled “Continuum…” (The ellipsis is crucial.) My second big show was Heron Flight. There’s a lot of stuff there.  10 year’s worth.  (That’s a lot of stuff.)  I’m working on adding it all into this new site where everything can be in one spiffy spot. As of 5/28/17, I’ve added 2001 through 2008. Almost finished!

I thought about listening my interests and such here on the About page. (“Listening my interests…” What a moron. (Ellipses are crucial.) (So are parentheses within parentheses.)) But you’ll just have to go read my stuff. You’ll figure it out quick enough. Enjoy and watch out for sharp objects in there.

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  • Brian

    May 19, 2010

    I think people will miss the ‘smack to enter’

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