I’m Dying

The dang baby got me sick.

I’m sick.

We’re all sick.

The baby started it.

I don’t even feel well enough to write about it. Like every other man when he gets a cold: I am dying.

While I’m whining over here on the couch, knocking on death’s door, I recommend you read my wife’s thoroughly satisfying account of this sickness from her point of view. Click here to read: “It’s Not Like I’m Dying or Anything”. Women really are much better at handling colds. My woman sure is.

I Feel Your Pain, Diores

Then fate fell upon Diores, son of Amarynceus, for he was struck by a jagged stone near the ankle of his right leg. He that hurled it was Peirous, son of Imbrasus, captain of the Thracians, who had come from Aenus; the bones and both the tendons were crushed by the pitiless stone.

-The Iliad

That would be his peroneus brevus and peroneus longus tendons, most likely.

I can relate. See: “Return to Peroneus Brevis Hill”.

Here’s the Deal

Can you dig the Queen of Spades?

I did my card game exercise trick again tonight. (Read “A Perfect Record” for details.)

The exercises were as follows:

  • Hearts = 1 minute hip/pelvis stretch using yoga blocks
  • Diamonds = 1 minute back stretch on an exercise ball (while praying the thing would not burst under my 226 pounds)
  • Clubs = 5 dumbell curls each arm (The heaviest dumbell we have is 15. There are weights in the garage out back. But I didn’t want to be a dumbell and walk in the cold to go use them.)
  • Spades = 5 sit-ups

The stretching was fantastic and sorely needed. I tend to run and not do much else. I never stretch before or after I run. I just like to run. That’s it. That’s why it takes some dorky trick like using a deck of cards to get me to do anything other than run. But I know that only running is a bad long-term plan. I guess the frigid weather has dealt me a good opportunity to see what other exercises suit me. (See what I did there? Two puns in one sentence.)

Tonight I went through the entire deck. So, 13 times through each exercise. That equals 65 sit-ups. But as I said yesterday, I hate math. So, I’ll stop all the fancy calculations right there.